10 Tips for Outdoor Advertising

1. No More Than 7 Words

The last thing you want to do is sound boring or redundant. Keep it short.

2. Use BOLD and Relevant Imagery

Just because there’s a photo of a cute puppy, it doesn’t mean that you’re good at what you do.

3. Don’t Use Bright, Crazy Colors Inappropriately

No one wants to be that loud and annoying person that nobody likes.

4. Use Only One Point of Contact

Pick one. Don’t overwhelm. If people like what they see, they will seek you out.

5. Don’t Use Starbursts, Make it the Main Point

If it’s a point so important that you find yourself wanting to make it a starburst, reevaluate.

6. Avoid Using System Fonts

Unless you want to look like everybody else…

7. Don’t Always Need a Call-to-Action

Don’t make your audience feel stupid. If they are interested, they know what to do.

8. Stay True to Your Audience

Narrow your focus and make more sales.

9. Don’t Rip Off National Advertising Campaigns

Nobody likes a copycat. Be original.

10. Simple is Best

That sums it up.

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