What the Word ‘Affordable’ Means to Us

The word ‘affordable’ and the word ‘cheap’ are often used interchangeably. Dictionary.com defines affordable to be “within one’s financial means” and defines cheap as “costing very little” or “inexpensive”. Sure, those definitions seem to be pretty similar, but we see one big difference that isn’t to be overlooked.

When saying something is affordable, it carries the connotation that it is something that carries value and is desired. When saying something is cheap, it carries a connotation of being poorly made but simply within the budget. Affordable means that you are not sacrificing quality. As the affordability goes up, so does the value. The more affordable something is, means it is given a higher value by being able to acquire it at a lower price. However, if something is cheap, the value decreases at being seen as an expendable item or service that is easily replaced.

So all in all, more affordable equals higher value.

At Image Inflators, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to brush aside the competition with our low prices. Many would argue and say that low prices mean low quality. We don’t believe that to be true. Our prices are affordable for the small business owner. Our prices are smart for the large corporations. We promise we will never make our customers choose between high quality or a low price tag.

Our prices are affordable and our products are top notch. And we aren’t afraid to say it.

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