Who We Are(n’t)

Many times, as a customer, we learn more about what we love in a product and a business by first understanding the sort of product we hate and the type of business we can’t stand.

Almost every business has the same sort of mission statement: valuing their customers and always trying to do their best. You won’t find a business that will tell you their shortfalls in their ‘About Us’ section. However, we all know that every business has them, it’s just a matter of how they acknowledge and address them.

So maybe instead of trying to convince our customers of ‘Who We Are’ as that is often open to the customers’ interpretation anyways, we will just begin with what we know as factual, ‘Who We Aren’t’.


We are not a large corporation.

We promise we will get to know you by name and that we value our customers more as friends than profit. Though we may be small, we are mighty. We have the resources and means to support the advertising needs of local small business to national enterprise.

We are not dishonest.

Every one of our customers has their own story, their own goals, and their own means of reaching them. We want to work with you to make your goals more obtainable in the most effective and efficient way we can. We will not lie or sugar coat things to make a buck. We honestly stand behind our products and our brand. If we didn’t believe we could be helpful, we wouldn’t bother trying.

We are not always serious.

Being serious all the time leaves no room for having a little fun. We value humor and the lighter side of life. Our (small) team meetings always involves a lot of laughs so we try to show that side to our customers. We love to have fun and we are sure our customers do too.

We are not perfect.

We make mistakes. Sometimes our flags fall apart. Sometimes our banners are printed with funky colors. Sometimes we might forget to follow up. However, we will do all we can to make sure we remedy our mistakes. We know our customers have every right to do business somewhere else or write a terrible review on Yelp, but we hope that our efforts to make things right will show that we really do care and want to learn from our mistakes.

We are not boring.

“Oh, so you sell flags and signs? Well that sounds pretty dull.” Many times, the general underlying opinion of sign shops is that everything we do looks the same, and has the same boring, predictable appeal. We promise you, that’s not how we do business. We are always coming up with ways to make your business or event look different from your competition. We utilize dye-sublimation which is an incredible printing process that produces vibrant, crisp, clear graphics on just about anything. Standing apart from the crowd often means doing things a little differently. There is so much unlocked potential in the sign industry and we’re just getting started.

Hopefully, by saying who we aren’t gives a better idea of who we are. We aren’t your typical sign shop. We just want to find more friends that think what we do could benefit their business or event just as much as we believe we can. We’re always happy to grab coffee or a beer and discuss goals, hopes, dreams, and the latest viral video on youtube. Give us a call or shoot us an email — we’re excited for what the new year has in store!

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